Milo DeWitt

Milo DeWitt was born in Northern Arizona on August 30, 1958. His great, great grandfather came to Arizona in 1870. The Family has always been in ranching and farming. Milo filled his PRCA permit in 3 months in 1978 and has been a member ever since. Milo rode broncs for 24 years. He rode the toughest ranch horses and rodeo horses, getting bucked off maybe 3 times a year out of 80 to 100 head per year.

Milo started raising bucking horses in 1993, and he currently has 55 head of good horses, consisting of 30 broodmares and their offspring. "If a good bronc rider can’t be 73 plus points on my horses I get rid of the horse." Milo started raising bucking horses because Arizona and New Mexico didn’t have any good horses. Milo is a good cowboy trying to put on good rodeos and is excited about Empire Rodeo and helping it move forward.

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