Gallego Brothers

It all started off with the oldest brother, Efren saying he was going to go watch a rodeo one day and coming back with a buckle and a check! After that Joel and Alonso started riding bulls too. It’s been about eight years ago when the first practice bulls came into play because all we wanted to do was ride. Injuries are a common thing in the sport it’s exactly like they say “it’s not if you get hurt, its when and how bad”!

The 3G brothers have been really blessed with their careers in the bullriding and bucking business. Efren and Joel have both won the Arizona GCPRA title! Alonso has won serval buckles but more hospital trips than anything, leaving him to flank while watching his brothers ride! The good Lord has blessed them tremendously with good bulls, a great supportive family and healthy bodies to continue to do what they love!

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